WHAT IS IT?     

Vix is in a failing relationship so she does what everyone would do: have a mucky dance floor experience with a random guy and propose to her boyfriend out of guilt. 
Tits Up is a bite sized comedy web series of crude proportions. 


It was made by two film makers who wanted to see if they could create an episodic show for the money they found down the back of the sofa (literally).
Driven by a desire to make a female focussed comedy Tits Up shows the other side of female behaviour: a darker, more crude but honest portrayal of millennial women. Sure women can be beautiful but they can also be gross, selfish and  unfortunate too.
We were influenced by the idea of a woman proposing to a man out of guilt and how this is seen as a role reversal. What other things could these women get up to which were seemingly roles only dedicated for men?
Everything you see was done by begging production companies for free equipment, pulling in professional crew favours from commercials and doing almost everything in a guerrilla fashion. It took 4 long night shoots split over 2 weekends and one final pick up day in early February 2018.
Let us know if you enjoy it!