It’s a dark, cold, eery night in the overrated area of Wandsworth. We decided to start with filming episode 4 on a Friday night which involved just our two lead actresses. The shoot was always going to be chilly but god we did not plan for FROZEN. Note to self, next time we write a series based at night, do so in the summer!


This entire episode is set in a park. Jamie’d scouted his local one (sounds creepy - he's not...much) and the roundabout was perfect. He says he didn’t try it out before the shoot, but we know that’s bollocks.

Our DOP was Paul Mackay who we’d managed to blag for a night away from his children for a guaranteed job on a commercials shoot coming up. Not so bad if I do say so myself.

We arrive. Our small, beautiful, mainly female crew and cast to a deserted leafy park. Excellent, no youths to attempt to scare off, because we all know we’d be to scared and just wait them out.

The night shoot began smoothly, with producer Helena constantly making everyone tea with a box of celebrations on the go. She even lent the cast her coats and scarfs, because she just happens to have an entire closet worth of spares. Weirdo.


However, as the night progressed, the temperature dropped. Gabby, playing Sammy suddenly realised her miniskirt and one layer of tights probably wasn’t enough to keep her going. Amy couldn’t feel her toes and we knew it was raining in two hours so we had to get this episode done!

Although moral was high for the first shoot, once you get cold, and need the toilet and there is nowhere to go to the toilet things start to get tricky!


We finished the shoot as it began to piss it down which was a good result. However by this time Gabby had almost turned blue and almost drove off with her boot still wide open with all the kit in the back. Thank god for the insurance policy.

One night down - four more to go.