Second weekend - here we come! Can we get 2 episodes done in 1 night again? Oh, no we can't - because there is a HUGE traffic jam delaying the start by at least an hour. Never mind - we must work swiftly.

Episode 3 is first but it should be easy to shoot because it's just on a doorstep - no location moves. We start shooting and almost immediately we get a grumpy neighbour coming to complain. He says that his daughter needs to get to sleep at 8pm sharp and that we have to leave by then. We try to sweet talk him but he was having none of it. People are just so uncompromising - it's Friday night for gods sake!


We battle through 5 pages worth of script in a record breaking 2 hours...God please let it all be in focus. Jamie our director jumped in for a cameo. He wanted a second take - what a pre-madonna - no time for that mate.



We grab some pizza and rig up the producers car to act as an Uber taxi. The sliding doors look convincing! 

For the rest of the evening we drive around the block in countless circles covering all the necessary angles. There is no room in the car for the director so he had to go in the boot and watch his monitor from the place where the producers dog unusually sits.


1:30am arrives and brings wrap with it. 5 down!! One more push...