Saturday night. We begin with Episode 6, because it’s basically all indoors meaning we can start earlier before it gets dark.



It’s interesting starting with a scene where an actor has to touch an actresses breasts when they've never met...I guess that's all part of being a professional! 

Episode 6 went smoothly with DOP Howard Mills working faster than humanly possible to get it shot and Jamie directing us in as few takes as he could get away with. This schedule is a nightmare!!

We had a dinner break which consisted of Chilli Con Carne dished out by Jamie -  "Oliver Twist" style along with some garlic bread. Home cooking is the way forward when on a budget!!

We wrapped in Episode 6 by 10pm which meant we had to run straight into filming Episode 1. When everyone’s pulling favours and not being paid on a shoot you can’t exactly expect them to film until dawn and make sure it’s perfect - you have to wing it. We had a shot list but that went out the window and we hoped the shots were all in focus and that he sound would be fine. No time to check the footage!

Episode 1 was when people began to lose it. Turns out Amy gets giggly when she’s over tired which is not exactly what Howard needed at 1am in the morning!


This is a big episode with a lot of continuity of props. Making pasta, wine, plates, salad. Re-set! This was the most frustrating part of doing another take when you don’t have an art department.

We filmed Episode 1 in about 3 Hours, wrapping at around 1am. It was a struggle. It’s an awkward opening episode and it needs to be funny, but when you’re tired you lose track of what’s working and what isn’t. You don’t have too much time to play with delivery which is always frustrating as an actor and for the director. Ep 1 passed in a blur!

Obviously we paid for transport home for the cast and crew and left the washing up for the next day.

3 episodes down. Still alive. Bring on next weekend.