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Logic Grid Puzzles - Word Games For Brain Training

Logic Grid Puzzles - Word Games For Brain Training Hack Tool

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The Radical Pack
The Radical Pack gets you 25 new, radical logic grid puzzles to solve! It's so radical you'll feel like you've been transported to the 1980s!
All Packs
Love Logic Grid Puzzles? Unlock all current and future packs! Your brain will thank you for it.
The Tubular Pack
The Tubular Pack is just what it sounds like, 25 totally new, totally tubular logic grid puzzles for you to solve! These 25 tubular puzzles have been waiting all day for you to download them. Don't make them wait another second!
The Bodacious Pack
The Bodacious Pack brings you 25 bodacious new logic grid puzzles. What makes them so bodacious? Well, they are "excellent, admirable, and attractive" puzzles. Or at least, that was the definition for 'bodacious' when I just looked it up.
The Psych Pack
This pack is terrible... PSYCH! It's totally awesome! So you better get psych'd to solve the 25 new logic grid puzzles contained within.
The Gnarly Pack
25 totally gnarly logic grid puzzles for the savvy puzzle solver! In this case, gnarly means awesome, not unattractive. Just FYI.
The Righteous Pack
The Righteous Pack contains 25 logic grid puzzles that are perfect for catching waves and soaking up rays!
Booya Pack
25 more logic grid puzzles?! BOOYA! What's it to ya?! The Booya Pack has arrived to fulfill all your logic grid puzzle dreams, check it out!
The Grody Pack
The Grody Pack contains 25 groderific logic grid puzzles that totes grody and totes grodtastic. You're gonna love it!
Generic Hack [new]
Game-specific hack (enable all features). Works fine for ~99.8% of games.
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