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iAssociate 2

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Level Pack: Classic Levels
A level pack that contains three classic levels from the original iAssociate, all of the levels have been further improved for this release. Included here are, USA, Colors and Movie Genres.
Small Currency Pack
Purchasing this Token pack will award you 3000 Tokens
Level Pack: Two for One
A level pack that contains two levels, Mona Lisa's Secret and Tic Tac Toe. Moderate difficulty and excellent value for casual players!
Level Pack: Two for One 2
This level pack contains two levels, one centered around Oil and another large open level called Rock, Paper & Scissors
At the Movies
How well do you know the big names of Hollywood? If you think your knowledge of movies is up to par then this level is just for you.
Girls Girls Girls
This level is a tribute to all girls out there who are playing iAssociate 2. The associations in this level are about clothes, perfumes, fashion, famous actresses and much more.
The Four Seasons
This is a huge and challenging level that has four starting points, one for each season. Are you up for the challenge?
A Sailor's Tale
A huge level that contains lots of everyday associations, covering a large amount of different topics. Highly recommended for people who like casual levels.
The Black Box
The Black Box is a large and challenging level that is sure to keep you busy for countless hours.
Reality Shows
An enormous level that features some of the reality shows from television. If you want hours of brain teasing then give this level a try!
Generic Hack [new]
Game-specific hack (enable all features). Works fine for ~99.8% of games.
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