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Cryptograms - Word Puzzles for Brain Training

Cryptograms - Word Puzzles for Brain Training Hack Tool

1. Choose at least one In-App Purchase. Enable Ā«Generic HackĀ» to unlock all premium features.
2. Select your device platform and region.
3. Click "Start".
IMPORTANT: We will never ask for your password or any login related stuff, your game account is safe!
Quotes Pack
100 awesome cryptograms based on great/famous/interesting quotes. Happy puzzling!
Movies Pack
100 new cryptograms just for you! These puzzles are based on great lines from films. Have fun puzzling through them!
All Packs
'All Packs' gets you all current and future cryptogram packs. Every time a new pack is released, it'll automatically be unlocked for you! Your dreams... have just come true!
Proverbs Pack
100 new cryptograms taken from you. This pack is totally based on proverbs from around the world. You not only get puzzling fun, but also some wisdom!
Movies II Pack
A second movies pack - another 100 movie quote cryptograms for you to puzzle through! Good luck!
Literature Pack
100 new, awesome cryptograms taken from literature. Even if you've never heard of these books - you'll have fun puzzling them out! Enjoy!
Twain Wilde Pack
100 cryptograms based on quotes from those two quote-sters Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde. The first 50 are Twain, the last 50 are Wilde. Get to it!
Generic Hack [new]
Game-specific hack (enable all features). Works fine for ~99.8% of games.
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